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If you have a junk car you need to remove call we charge no fee to remove an abandoned vehicle,pour company will do it at no charge to you,from an abandoned,tow away,code enforcement,policing your apartments,parking control,we are here to help deal with those types of problems.


junk my car for money|how much can i get for my car| junk car buyers|Roadside assistance,lockouts.Lets say you have a junk car sitting in the driveway that the neighbors are complaining about. You need to get rid of it, but you dont just want to give it away. Junk Cars Cash are professional junk car buyers and will pay you the most money for your junk car. We buy junk cars everyday. When people sell junk cars to Junk Cars Cash, they get paid more than any other junk car buyer. To get a free quote for your junk car,

Sell your car for more money: With title or not we will make you an offer or your vehicle,in a divorce the x-spouse left the vehicle on your property?We can help just call as a tow company we can tow it as code enforcement make a report at no cost to you,we provide rollback flat bed service.

Book value of a vehicle


The book value:

of a car can be evaluated in many ways,retail,whole retail,wholesale,trade in value which varies in so many categories such as clean,rough,etc.

Let me begin by giving some hints when buying a used car.

  1. First drive it
  2. Listen for noise,and look out for drive ability problems
  3. Wear from pedals
  4. open the hood look for any leaks
  5. Take out the dip-stick from the engine while its running look for smoke
  6. Look at the mileage
  7. Get a second opinion so forth and so on.

Junk car to salvage yard

Vehicle manufacturing 2014 Fiscal Report

At today’s rapid auto industry vehicles are not the ICON We’ve made them to be anymore!Its big business
The average car barley last 150,000 miles which is why we turn around millions of cars and trucks monthly basis

Tue, Jul 1 2014

DETROIT – General Motors delivered 267,461 vehicles in the United States in June of this year. Total sales were up 1 percent compared to a year ago. Retail sales were up 1 percent and fleet sales were up 2 percent.

The seasonally adjusted annual selling rate (SAAR) for light vehicles in June was an estimated 16.6 million units, topping 16 million units for the fourth consecutive month. The estimated SAAR for the first half of the year was 16.1 million, which is within GM’s full-year forecast of 16.0 million to 16.5 million units.

That’s only one company in the us out of others like,Toyota,Honda,Chrysler,Subaru,Ford,just imagine how many of those cars will end at their end of life even before the 5 warrantied years from the manufacturer?Its more than you can imagine

Cash for Cars

Today’s market is very competitive in the automotive industry,selling your vehicle can be very frustrating especially if this your first time do not hesitate to contact our office for a free same day estimate at 407-850-8749. Once we get into an agreement about the purchase we send out our own fleet of trucks to pick the vehicle up pay you cash,and every body is happy it is as simple as I just described it.

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